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The BIG Workplace Award and resources membership for companies. 


This means that not only can you access everything mentioned below but your company can also work towards our national anti-bullying award to show that your company challenges bullying and harrassment leading to improved productivity, less sickness/absence along with a positive and open workplace.  Challenging bullying also means that there is less chance of legal action against your company.


Resources include access to our excellent template policies covering the following:



Equal opportunities

Dignity at work


Disability and discrimination

Refusal to work

Pregnancy, maternity, paternity and adoption

Anti-bribery and corruption

Corporate social responsibility

Anti-slavery and human trafficking

Harrassment and bullying



Equality and diversity


Also included are The BIG Toolkit and our SOS online reporting tool.


Once purchased we will contact you regarding your membership with details of how to access all of the above.

Exclusive member (16-30 employees)

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