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Anti-bullying award

The BIG AWARD is given for excellence in bullying intervention. It is offered to schools, services, groups or Local Authorities. 


Members work to meet the externally agreed criteria to be awarded.
The criteria are carefully managed to suit the needs of different 


Portfolios are submitted annually for assessment and policies are checked.


This award is both earned and evidenced 


Your school or service can start at any level of competence. We provide regular updates on best practice and any changes in government policy, legislation or Ofsted requirements. This makes it easy for your school or service to shine.

Establishments achieving the BIG AWARD will be able to:-

    • Demonstrate that they are working to an externally agreed standard

    • Have consistent and embedded good practice

    • Fully include all children and young people

    • Tailor their bullying intervention work to suit their needs

  • Ensure that every child is enabled to fulfil their true educational potential, or enjoy their community activities, without fear of being bullied

This award shows that your school or service takes bullying seriously enough to work towards accepted good practice. As part of your duties under the Equality Act your organisation should be monitoring discrimination and working proactively to prevent it. The wellbeing of your staff and students is strongly affected by the bullying intervention work and your inclusion approach. We are constantly inspired by the wonderful work of our award achievers.

Reductions in bullying you can expect:-

View an  INFOGRAM  about the reductions you can expect when you implement best practice. This shows secondary students’ responses on the effectiveness of their schools.

When your portfolio is assessed for the BIG Award, we look for:

1)         A Bullying Intervention Focus Group
2)         A robust Anti Bullying Policy
3)         Regular Staff Training
4)         Involvement of parents and carers
5)         Pupils’ peer support or mentoring system
6)         Regular awareness-raising activities
7)         Testimonial from a young person
8)         Recording and monitoring of bullying incidents

BIG Award wants to see a whole-school community approach with strong pupil participation. We look at the ethos of your school or service and the way children and young people are enabled to report concerns and solve problems. The BIG Focus group should include representatives from across the school working together to set priorities, steer strategy and monitor progress. We expect pupils to be consulted and provide free anonymous pupil surveys to our members to do this.

Sanctions which do not result in behaviour change are not welcomed. We are aware that many interventions do not result in good outcomes for children and young people who are  bullied. We look for responses to bullying that actually get it to stop!


*Local Authorities have a different focus – we are looking at their leadership and support for their local schools.


If your organisation is a special school or small group you may have tailored criteria. 

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