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The Bullying Intervention Group Workplace Standard


The BIG Award Workplace Standard




Bullying Intervention Group has been established for over 10 years now and we have many schools, and other organisations that children and young people attend, registered as members.


We know that bullying also happens in workplaces and have been asked on many occasions to deliver the BIG Award for employers so that employees can also feel happy and safe in their professional environment.


What is the BIG Award Workplace Standard?


The BIG Award Workplace Standard aims to:


•   Create a happy, healthy and caring working environment for all

•   Educate employers on how to address and respond to bullying

•   Ensure that this work is consistent and constantly evolving to keep up to date

•   Support employers to have all of the relevant policies in place

•   Celebrate the excellent anti-bullying strategies in workplaces


What type of memberships are there?


There are two types of memberships available:


1. Resources Membership - Can access all of the members’ resources to support you in addressing workplace bullying, including all relevant policies.


2. Full Workplace Standard Membership - Can access all of the above and also achieve the BIG Award Workplace Standard.



How can our company achieve the BIG Award Workplace Standard?


Once you have registered as a member of BIG, you can access the BIG Award portfolio.  This details all of the criteria necessary to achieve the BIG Award.  You complete each field, and you can save the information at any time until you have completed the form.  You can also attached documents to the form as necessary.  There will also be short video guides for each of the criteria to assist you.


When the form is complete, you submit it to us for assessment.  We may ask for further details or documents.  Once assessment is complete, and all criteria are met, we will send you your notification email, your logo and your wall plaque.


We are always only a phone call or email away if you need help or advice.


Do you also offer training?


Yes, we offer a range of training courses (including online training and distance learning) which you can access in our TRAINING section of the website.


Why does my company need to address bullying in the workplace?


Bullying in the workplace can cause major problems for both staff and management, including increased sickness leave, turnover of staff, legal action, reduced output, and much more importantly, unhappy staff.  Most employees who are bullied at work  go on sick leave, then eventually leave altogether, but do not report it.  They leave their job and are too scared of the perpetrator/s to say anything to management.  This means a bigger turnover of staff and the costs involved with re-training and recruitment.  Mental health of staff is so important, you have a duty to ensure that your staff can work without fear of abuse of any kind.  Workplace bullying can be very covert and difficult to identify.  It is vital that you have all of the necessary anti-bullying strategies in place to ensure that bullying is unable to thrive in your workplace. 


By registering with us, you can be assured that you will have all of the necessary advice, information and support to ensure that your workplace is as free from bullying as it can be, and if bullying does occur, it will be dealt with swiftly and effectively.


As well as the BIG Award Workplace standard, we also offer anti-bullying resources, template policies and signposts to other major organisations for help and support.

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