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Welcome to BIG Award!


Any school or organisation attended by children and young people may apply for the BIG AWARD.
Register and once your account is active, you will have access to all resources to help you achieve this award. Members are offered free pupil surveys and policy checks; advice and support and more. Fees are determined by the size of your school or service. Visit our shop to view your fees.




Learn from our newsletters and updates. Enjoy the online resources and get ideas from other innovative schools.

Bullying Intervention Group also offers a range of distance learning courses accredited by NCFE.  (Discounts available for groups of pupils or staff).

Helpful guides and checklists

1) Read through the criteria and ensure that your school or organisation meets these before you apply for the award.

2) Use the What Next page resources to help you to achieve this status.  You may also wish to write to parents and carers to tell them about the award – template letter to parents/carers

3) Complete the electronic portfolio form saving while you work! Click submit when you are ready. Send by email: Your Anti-Bullying Policy, Focus Group minutes of meetings and any supporting photos or other material.

4) We are here to support you, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries. 

5) We hope you are successful in gaining the award, which you then re- submit for on an annual basis.



Your portfolio of evidence will be carefully assessed and you will receive advice and support on areas that may require further evidence.


We offer a policy checklist and online resources to help you.


External recognition is an important feature of reflective work and is so rewarding for your pupils and staff.


If your school or service achieves the award you will receive our beautiful new aluminium plaque to display.


Demonstrate your commitment to the wellbeing of your school community and to children’s rights, principles of equality and community cohesion by working for the Bullying Intervention Group’s BIG Award.

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