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Helpful Tips

Top tips for schools responding to bullying Download  

Mediation is a great strategy for resolving friendship issues and conflict.  Use our mediation overview to help guide you through - Mediation Sheet.


Quick Practical Tips on addressing bullying click here

(Credit to Anti-Bullying Alliance)

Longitudinal Study of Young People Who Are Bullied in Schools. This study outlines the characteristics of those who more likely to be involved in bullying. Read More


Ofsted changes. A new Common Inspection Framework came into force in September 2015.

Summary of changes Download

Ofsted The future of education inspection: understanding the changes. Download

Bullying and the law - Information here

(Credit to Anti-Bullying Alliance)


Anti-bullying strategies

BIG recommends that in order to prevent and deal with bullying then a variety of strategies should be implemented which is what is involved in gaining our BIG Award - Good policy, peer support etc.


Read about the effectiveness of anti-bullying strategies here


Our anonymous pupil surveys are free to members, have you done one lately? Contact us to have it set up on an encrypted site for your school.

Internet Safety Guide for Kids - Read the guide here.

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