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BIG are delighted to introduce this exciting new venture – giving young people aged 14- 19 recognition for their Peer Mentoring work, along with excellent training to support them in their work with young people. The course itself has emerged out of the BIG National Schools Award. It has been written by Val McFarlane & Vicki Lydon the Directors of BIG. Participant’s written work will be assessed by Bullying Intervention Group. Certificates are awarded to successful candidates.

Our online training course can formalise the good work of your peer mentors and give them a recognised qualification for their work.

Distance learning training packs allow pupils to learn at their own pace while supervised by you. Their work is assessed and feedback given by our assessors. Their practical work as a mentor assists them.

This course gives students a valuable certificate of achievement to take with them into their future roles. Meanwhile your school benefits from trained peer supporters. We enable students with a wide range of abilities to undertake this course.


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