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This pack has been collated from years of experience working in schools and organisations in the UK. Within it you will find guidance on how to recruit your peer supporters, training, launching your scheme and the all important maintenance.

Peer support offers many benefits, for example: shared identity and acceptance, increased self-confidence, the value of helping others, developing and sharing skills, improved mental health, emotional resilience and well-being, information and signposting, challenging stigma and discrimination.

The pack includes:
Introduction – What is peer support and what benefits can be gained?
Selection – Who to choose (important) and how to recruit effectively
Training – Prepare your team for their new role
Launch – Involve the whole school community and add importance
Maintenance – Useful tips to keep the team on track and motivated
Questionnaire – Evaluation of the scheme
Next time & further reading
Extra resources to support you and your team along the way


Cost of pack – £19.99 for electronic copy to be sent out via email.

Ultimate Peer Support Pack

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